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Curriculum Vitae

(Version: July 2008)
(Here is the PDF version of this document)

Availability Four to six weeks notice; as contractor or permanently Portrait Daniel Schroeder
Degree Masters degree (Dipl-Ing univ) in Electronics Engineering, Technical University Munich
Experience in IT since 1980

Daniel Schröder
Reisingerstr. 12
80337 München

Telephon: + 49 (89) 260 255 73 or +49 (179) 533 911 6
Telefax: + 49 (89) 260 255 74
Email: schroeder (at) tadzio.com

Major strengths


Programming languages and tools C, C++, Java, Assembler for Intel 80x86
MS Visual Studio, J2SE, Perforce, Clearcase and Clearquest, various target specific, command line oriented tool chains.
Languages German: native
English: fluent, written and oral; company language in Agere Systems
Bavarian, on demand

Past positions

7/06 - heute
Software project leader for Video and Asia Navigation functionality for the next generation of In-Car Entertainment Head Units for BMW; Source code quality supervisor
  • Coordination, design, implementation and test of all video functionality
  • Technical and organisational coordination with the supplier of the Asia navigation software
  • In-House code reviews and guidance of an external group of code reviewers
7/03 - 6/06
Agere Systems
Technical Project Leader and Chief Developer for a team of 12 developers in India for the application layer of Agere's mobile phone software: specification, architecture and design of all applications, ranging from the telephone application and contacts database to the video player application, travelling between Bangalore and Munich.
Implementation of critical parts of applications; verification and approval of the C source code of the development team.
6/01 - 6/03
Beta Research
Implementation of an MHP Stack in C++ and Java for the d-box 2 digital TV set-top box; in particular
  • Re-implementation of the object locking mechanism and thread support for the in-house Java Virtual Machine
  • Implementation of the DSMCC carousel API used for receiving applications over the air
  • Signatur checking of received MHP applications
  • Implementation of an MHP application signature tool according to the MHP specification (X.509 certificates and more)
2/00 - 5/01
Mozquito Technologies
Development of a concept and specification for the Next Generation Mozquito server
Porting to C++ and major enhancement of the Java-based prototype of the central Mozquito client component (a compiler from FML to HTML/JavaScript), cross-platform for Windows, Linux and BSD
5/98 - 2/00
Various projects like LAN and WAN server concepts, setup and maintenance, website implementation, MS Access database back-end and web front-end
6/90 - 3/98
Rohde & Schwarz
Executing Project Leader: Definition, design and implementation of the operating software for a high performance signal generator; worked in the UK as a group leader for six months
HW: Embedded system based on Intel Pentium CPU
SW: Watcom C++, 32-bit DOS extender, Caldera DOS, various tools
Porting of the device communication software module of a PC based audio signal generator
HW: PC, embedded System based on Intel 80486 CPU
SW: Borland C++, various tools
Software development for an Intel 80186-based signal generator using VRTX as realtime multitasking operating system
Main work areas: device communication over GPIB and RS232
HW: PC, embedded system on Intel 80186 base
SW: Borland C++, linker, locator
Software development for a family of waveform, signal, and microwave generators with an Intel i960 CPU, using pSOS as realtime operating system
Main work areas: paging protocols (ERMES, POCSAG, Flex)
device communication over GPIB and RS232
Representing Rohde & Schwarz in the international SCPI consortium (standardisation body for device communication).
ongoing The Linux server on which tadzio.com runs - from assembling the hardware to configuring Linux/Apache/mySQL/PHP and postfix, to writing the web contents of www.tadzio.com

Work certificates

The certificates are in PDF format.